This is the cavern of giants! You will encounter 4 diffirant giants wich you can find below.

To get to the giant cave go to the quest tab and click on training, there you will find the 'Giant' teleport.

Fire giant
Big bones Always 1
Rune scimitar Uncommon 1
Fire battlestaff Uncommon 1
Rune arrow Common 8-17
Grimy torstol Common 1-3
Grimy dwarf weed Common 2-4
Coins Common 3000-24500
Fire rune Common 36-99
Chaos rune Common 35-50
Dragon scimitar Rare 1
Crystal key Rare 1
Coal Common 20-25
Uncut dragonstone Common 1
Gold charm Common 1-2
Crimson charm Common 1
Rune crossbow Common 1
Ice giant
Big bones Always 1
Rune arrow Rare 10-48
Dragon spear Rare 1
Water rune Common 12-36
Mind Rune Common 24
Body rune Common 37
Cosmic rune Common 2-37
Law rune Common 21-50
Nature rune Common 28
Death rune Common 18-69
Blood rune Common 20-59
Uncut sapphire Common 2-4
Uncut emerald Common 1-3
Uncut ruby Common 1-4
Uncut diamond Rare 1
Jug of wine Common 1
Mithril Common 8-17
Crystal key Common 1
Coins Always 5000-1200